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Nigerian Soldiers Spotted Clearing the Gutters and Roads in Lagos to Ease Traffic (Photos)

Many Nigerian soldiers have been spotted on the streets clearing the gutters and roads to help with the traffic.
Nigerian soldiers clearing the gutters
The Officers supervising soldiers of 174 Battalion of the Nigerian Army today embarked on community service at Odogunyan bus stop, Ikorodu, Lagos.
The soldiers were spotted on the road in groups going about the clearing heartily.
The Commanding Officer,...
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Revealed: The Wealth of Five Richest Nigerians Can End Poverty in Nigeria…See Details

New revelation has been made about how the wealth of the five richest Nigerians can adequately end poverty in Nigeria.
File photo: Nigerians
According to the Inequality report released by Oxfam International on Wednesday, the combine wealth of five richest Nigerians, put at $29.9 billion, could end extreme poverty in the country.
The Punch reports that the report, entitled ‘Inequality in Nigeria,...
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5 ways to control emotions of embarrassment, anger, anxiety and fear

Emotions can be very fickle. One moment you are feeling this way and the next you aren’t. They can also be extremely powerful and forceful, to the point that you feel you have no choice but to cave in. Emotions of embarrassment, anger, anxiety and fear are some of the most difficult to control.  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE EMOTION One of the ways to deal with...
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Quote of the day

*Quote for the Day* Never be intimidated by the success of people, The Fact That You are not 'HERE' Doesn't Mean You Can't Be THERE The Only Difference Between 'HERE and THERE Is 'T' Which Stands For TIME!!! Be Patient And Remain *FOCUSED!!*...
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