Don’t Sell the Land

Don’t Sell the Land

So this morning, I woke up with a heaviness in my heart.

During the week, a friend sent a disturbing video of how Asians are buying large land mass in Nigeria for farming purposes. The one she sent, was a brocolli farm.

They aren't satisfied with sending their foodstuff down to Nigeria. They are bringing it here, farming our lands and and selling the produce to us.

Of course the average Nigerian farmer, will be out of business pretty soon, as these Chinese people, will have better equiped to produce faster and better. These guys have great skills.
In the long run, they control the market with no intention to share their farming techniques with us.

If this is part of what the present government signed up for, giving this people permission to come and farm our lands, how does it benefit us? I know a few ways it won't benefit us:

1. As with all their factories, they will look for cheap and even child labour for these lands, and without Labour protection, or anybody checking up on them, they will draw blood from these workers.

2. They in no time will be controlling what we eat or don't eat.

3. Our greed for money in no time will have them buying all our good farming lands and even the ones they can't farm (they are creating settlements too) .

4. We enrich their pockets, they take the money to their country to grow thier own country. And do nothing for ours.

The only one way it benefits us: WE HAVE FOOD TO EAT. And that is no profit at all.

As usual, our government is clueless as to how these Asians are creeping in, mostly interested in the revenue they can get from them. Nobody is checking them out, following up on them, no measures has been put in place to make sure we do not wake up one day and 80% of Nigeria belongs to the ASIANS.

I would have thought, that the Nigerian government, will bring this people here, to teach Nigerian farmers skills and techniques of good farming. Like a collaboration instead of a secret mission by the ASIANS to take over an industry as lucrative as farming.

They are going to hither lands, especially in the western parts of Nigeria, which is close to Lagos, where the steady consumers are, and buying hectares of land. And they won't stop there, as soon as that succeeds, they will start to move to other parts of Nigeria. And people will most definitely sell lands to them, they want the money.

I remember I attended a meeting last, where a visiting Kenyan pastor sounded an alarm: DO NOT SELL YOUR LANDS TO THE ASIANS, LAND IS THE ONE THING GOD IS NOT MAKING MORE OF.

Please instead of us waiting for the government, if you have land anywhere, or know anyone who does, especially in the villages, tell them not to sell their lands to the ASIANS, they should lease it to them instead.

My fellow Nigerians, do not sell your lands to the ASIANS, LEASE IT.

Debbie Egwuogu
A concerned Citizen.

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